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Forced Exorcisms Touted As ‘Cure’ For LGBT Indonesians

Forced Exorcisms Touted As ‘Cure’ For LGBT Indonesians

Andin is haunted by memories to be forced into an exorcism to «conserve» her from being transgender — a ritual which could be mandatory for Indonesia’s LGBT community in case a controversial brand new legislation is passed away.

For just two years she’s got endured abuse and harassment as her household desperately attempted to «cure» her. Remedies ranged from being bombarded with Koranic verses while caught in a room that is locked times, to being doused with freezing water by an imam guaranteeing to purge the «gender illness».

However it is the exorcism that breaks her heart.

She ended up being taken against her will to a strange guru that is religious her hometown of Medan in Sumatra. He revealed her a burial shroud widely used to cover the dead and prayed over her.

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